Welcome to Millennial Xchange


The Purpose of MX

The purpose of MX is to help graduating or recently graduated students create their own independent career opportunity by linking their developing career aspirations with established entrepreneurs who wish to add value to their existing net worth’s.

Through the use of uniquely used internet platform technology and a revolutionary measure of MX Platform Management Team personal touch service, links are made where value is perceived and possibly exchanged.

The term MX is a trade style of Millennial Xchange. It is a members only, not for profit, formally registered corporation.

As more schools and alumni members register on the MX platform, the value of our MX National Network of opportunities increases.

As more schools and alumni members register on the MX platform, the value of our MX National Network of opportunities increases.

A Sigmentor in Niagara may link  and exchange  values with a Millennial in  British Columbia.
A Millennial is St. Catharines might find  and exchange  values with a Sigmentor in Kingston.

…Become a member

You must first register a 15 line narrative and post a 20 to 30 second home made video on the MX platform and send to support@millennialxchange.com. Our platform management team will verify your submission and post it for public view on MX as long as you approve (within 5 working days) of the verified posting. You must pay MX $50. If you see an opportunity on the platform and wish to explore it, you must be a member of MX. At that point you must pay MX a member ship fee of $200. If you remain as a member for 12 months you will receive a 75 % reimbursement of all fees. Click here to register.

…Find out about fees?

Contact support@millennialxchange.com and ask. .... Or read “How do I become a member?”. Members with school affiliation will secure members fee privileges.

…Register as a millennia!?

...Register as a Sigmentor?

…Explore opportunities

Once posted you can look at all posting. If you want to contact a posted member you must be a member as well...off line contact is then encouraged. Only a member can contact another member. Contact info only thru platform management team

…Access Personal Touch Service PTS?

PTS is only available thru Support, MX encourages voice communication on any MX issue

…Qualify as a millennial?

Generally you should have a school association and be between 18 and 31. You should have a career opportunity aspiration and be prepared to exchange values for assistance from a sigmentor.

…About an MX LINK

An MXlink is an event that that appears in communications between a sigmentor and a millennial where both perceive some value to each other. They must negotiate terms for mutual benefit.

…Move forward if we are stuck in the initial link?

MX linkers and MX platform management can access a pro-bono professional consulting service called MX Katalyst (MXK). Upon member request, our PST program will intro you to professional business consulting service who will provide next step guidance.

…Secure additional income as a self employed?

It just may be that a well negotiated deal between a millennial and a sigmentor might create monthly cash flow out of groomed introduction to established network of contacts.,

…Participate if I’m not connected to an MX credentialed school?

Contact support@millennialxchange. Our PST team will try to work something out for you. If you are from a MX credentialed school membership fee structure is more attractive.

…Get my school MX credentialed so I don’t have to pay as much?

MX negotiates with all schools ensuring that there is no cost to any MX school credentialing. For more information, contact support@millennialxchange.com. Brock/Biolinc is prepared to mentor new school onboarding.

…Secure funding for our ventures?

Any investor is more inclined to consider investing if your proposal has a combination of an idea (Millennial) and experience (Sigmentor).

…Find out about Preferred Supplier opportunities?

Preferred Supplier service is a service a company wishes to sell to our exclusive Sigmentor and Millennial market. For an annual fee, the outside supplier will be able to market its goods and devices to the MX members. The supplier can promote specific rates and discounts to interested members and will be able to show their corporate logo on the MX website and advertise that they are Preferred Suppliers to MX. For more information on this exclusive prequalified marketing opportunity, contact support@millennialxchange.com